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Visions and Values

The school's Mission Statement is:


'Giving our children the best possible start in life'


This was created with staff, with involvement from the School Council and Governing Body and sits as the guiding principle for all of our decision making.



At Twynyrodyn we put our vision and values into practice with the following aims:

  • To provide a safe, vibrant, stimulating and welcoming learning environment for all members of the school community.
  • To create a learning community of high expectations where standards of teaching and learning are constantly reviewed and raised to standards of excellence, so that all can succeed to the best of their ability.
  • To make learning safe, vivid, real, enjoyable, challenging and fun.
  • To promote and encourage a culture of accountability for good attendance and punctuality across the whole school community.
  • To foster a learning community where children are at the heart of every decision we make and every child’s voice is valued.
  • To give every child the opportunity to achieve their individual potential in order for them to become happy, confident and independent learners in every aspect of school life.
  • To involve all stakeholders in all aspects of school life through open channels of communication
  • Nurture a sense of self-respect, respect for others and treat every child as an individual.
  •  To promote good wellbeing, a culture of social inclusion and respect for diversity.


We believe that the result of this cohesive effort will be children who are:

  • Ambitious, capable learners
  • Enterprising, creative contributors
  • Ethical, informed citizens
  • Healthy, confident individuals.




As a school community, we have identified Core Values that underpin our daily interactions and the work we do.  They are:

Trust                   Compassion                 Support