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Criw Cymraeg

Twynyrodyn Criw Cymraeg is made up from children from years 3 to 6 who are enthusiastic about speaking welsh in school. 

They enjoy helping children understand Welsh and use it every day.

The Criw Cymraeg play an active role in helping our school achieve our Welsh Bronze Award.

Meet our Criw!


            Siarter Iaith Gymraeg



What is the Welsh Cymraeg Campus Language Charter?

The main aim of the charter is to promote and increase the use of Welsh by children in a whole school context. We want to inspire our children and young people to use Welsh in every aspect of their lives. community – the pupils, the school council, the staff, the parents, the governors and the community. We wish to promote a strong Welsh ethos in Twynyrodyn and to provide a range of enriching activities to ensure that all children enjoy learning Welsh.

What are the advantages of the Welsh Cymraeg Campus Language Charter?

Raising the standard of the children’s spoken Welsh will have a positive effect on their educational attainment. Research shows that bilingual children achieve better results. We are enthusiastic to work with all parents to raise the amount of Welsh spoken in school. We look forward to updating you with our progress!



Useful links to help you learn Welsh 

Welsh Youtube animations for learners

Welsh Games

Welsh apps to download

Useful Websites and Fun Activities


BBC Welsh

A range of online Welsh games and activities.


Learn Welsh

A range of online Welsh games and activities.


Seren a Sbarc

Two heroes who encourage children to use Welsh - a range of activities to complete involving the two characters.


Pori Drwy Stori

We have used this resource in school; this website provides some activities to complete at home including listening to stories, rhymes and activities to download.


S4C - Learn and Play

A range of TV shows, apps to download and worksheets to download and complete.


S4C - Cyw

A range of songs, games and activities online linked to Cyw (the S4C block for children)