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At Key Stage 2, learners should be given opportunities to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired during the Foundation Phase. They should develop their skills through the range of Interdependence of organisms, The sustainable Earth and How things work. Learners should be taught to relate their scientific skills, knowledge and understanding to applications of science in everyday life, including current issues. They should be taught to recognise that scientific ideas can be evaluated by means of information gathered from observations and measurements. Teaching should encourage learners to manage their own learning and develop learning and thinking strategies appropriate to their maturity. They should be taught to value others’ views and show responsibility as local citizens.


Activities should foster curiosity and creativity and be interesting, enjoyable, relevant and challenging for the learner. They should enable learners to initiate, explore and share ideas, and extend, refine and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding in new situations. They should allow time for thinking, peer discussion and reflection.



At Twynyrodyn Community School we aim to:

  • develop an interest in and enjoyment of science.
  • help our children acquire a growing understanding of scientific ideas.
  • develop their use of scientific vocabulary and the ability to use this to express, explain and extend their ideas.
  • enable children to know and understand environmental problems at a local, regional and global level
  • encourage in children a commitment to sustainable development and an appreciation of what ‘global citizenship’ means
  • develop a variety of other skills, including those of enquiry, problem solving, ICT, investigation and how to present their conclusions in the most appropriate way



Teaching science

Through learning experiences that are exciting, stimulating, interesting and enjoyable, children at Twynyrodyn Community School will develop their knowledge and understanding of science. They will be given opportunities to communicate clearly, using scientific vocabulary and standard measure, and carry out enquiries, through planning, developing and reflecting. Children will use and develop their skills and knowledge by investigating:


  • the science behind everyday things, the way they are constructed and how they work.
  • the materials in the Earth and its atmosphere and how they change, and apply this to contemporary contexts
  • the science involved in a range of contemporary devices/machines and evaluate different energy resources and possibilities.


Science is delivered discretely, through a two year cycle. The topics covered in the cycle can be seen below: