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Just2Easy - J2E

J2E - Just2Easy

What is J2E?


J2E is an online, fun, creative environment. Children use J2e5 intuitively, just like a sheet of paper. Text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos, and embedded objects can be combined on a single web page. With no software to install, j2e can be used on any browser, anytime, anywhere.

J2E is more than just a single web enabled application, it is a complete set of tools comprising of a multi-media document creator (j2e5), a code writing framework (j2code), a database tool (j2branch and j2data), a file storage area (my files), the ability to create a school website and blog (j2webby and j2bloggy) and a few more tools besides.


The starting point for J2E is the launchpad, j2launch, which provides a collection of tiles, each of which is a link to the different sections of J2E. On the launchpad is a link to a library of popular and useful websites collated by j2e. Any of these tiles can be added to the main Launchpad and consequently shared to pupils.