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Helpwr Heddiw

Helpwr Heddiw/  Helpwr y Dydd’

(Today’s Helper/ Helper of the Day)


Helper Heddiw is used every morning in Twynyrodyn Community School to increase pupils’ confidence in communicating clearly in welsh with a variety of audiences including teachers, peers and familiar adults in everyday situations.


The advantages of using Helpwr Heddiw / Helpwr y Dydd


  • All pupils are provided with opportunities to use Welsh in meaningful contexts.
  • It ensures that everyday Welsh is productive as well as receptive.
  • Welsh becomes a natural and working language in the classroom.
  • It provides assessment opportunities, i.e. to assess ’Helpwr Heddiw’s’ contributions and the responses of others.


How does the Helpwr Heddiw system work?


  • Every pupil in turn is given the opportunity to be ‘Helpwr Heddiw’
  • The duties of ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ involve assisting the class teacher to direct activities/ everyday situations through the medium of Welsh.
  • To facilitate the work, sets of questions/ commands/ statements are prepared on cards– and kept in a container which is referred to as ‘Bocs/ Bag Helpwr Heddiw’.
  •  Begin by introducing a manageable number of patterns, which can then be extended.
  • As more language patterns become familiar to the pupils they can be added to the ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ language bank.
  • These language patterns are used everyday and it is important that ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ elicits responses from other class members and staff on duty in the playground.
  • The language used should be extended in accordance with what is expected of the pupils, thus ensuring progression and development.


Helpwr Heddiw led games


Helpwr Heddiw mimics the role of teacher (when and where appropriate) during this session (five- ten minutes).

Pupils decide on focus for the session i.e. the language patterns/ key vocabulary and the type of game/ activity that the class/ group will undertake.

Through utilising resources contained within the ‘Bocs/ Bag Helpwr Heddiw’, they orchestrate the session through using everyday commands and language patterns.

Below are some links to some helpful resources and websites for Helpwr Heddiw as well as some other fun Welsh language games and activities: