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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Head teacher:  Mr M Carrington

Deputy Head teacher: Mrs L Cairns

Assistant Head teacher: Mrs J Williams

Foundation Phase Leader: Mrs S Davies

Additional Needs Coordinator: Mr S Gammage


Foundation Phase
Foundation Phase Leader: Mrs S Davies


Dosbarth Enfys: Mrs S Davies, Miss C Jones, Mrs C Jones, Mrs B Ridley and Mrs J Phillips

Dosbarth Melyn: Mrs L Powell and Mrs S Hoskins

Dosbarth Oren: Miss P Rubbery and Mrs L Jones

Dosbarth Gwyrdd: Mrs N Bevan and Mrs B Ridley

Dosbarth Coch: Mrs L Cairns, Mrs J Jones, Miss D Wells, Mrs N Partington and Mrs Thomas

Dosbarth Pinc: Mr J Williams and Mrs R Harris-Jones


Intervention: Mrs B Ridley

HLTA: Mrs J Phillips


Key Stage Two

Key Stage Two Leader: Mrs J Williams


Dosbarth Glas: Mrs K Power/Mrs C Dunn, Mrs K Jones and Mrs H Friel

Dosbarth Gwyn: Mrs J Williams

Dosbarth Hufen: Mrs C Evans

Dosbarth Porffor: Mrs J Jones and Mrs D Jones

Dosbarth Indigo: Mr S Gammage

Dosbarth Efydd: Miss K Murphy

Dosbarth Arian: Mrs C Waters

Dosbarth Aur: Miss C Baber and Miss Z Davies


HLTA: Mr K Warren-Hill and Mrs C Griffiths

Support: Mrs L Mahoney and Mrs C Griffiths

Intervention: Mrs B Ridley


1:1s:  Mrs N Partington, Miss H Friel,  Mrs D Jones, Miss D Wells, Mrs R Thomas, Miss Z Davies and Miss S King





Office staff: Mrs S Thomas and Miss A Galliers

Caretaker: Mr M Mullaney

Cleaners: Ms C Edwards, Mrs L Edwards, Mrs L Llewellyn and Ms M Farinha

Crossing patrol: Mr R Hicks


Kitchen Staff

Head Cook: Mrs L Morgan

Kitchen Staff: Mrs C Short, Mrs A O'Neill, Mrs A Baynham, Mrs K Bevan-Rees, Mrs T Edwards, Mrs K Mahoney


Foundation Phase Dining Room Assistants: Mrs A Cushion, Mrs J Bailey, Mrs D Bridges, Mrs L Burton

Key Stage Two Dining Room Assistants: Ms C Edwards, Miss A Galliers, Ms M Farinha, Mrs J Colston


Partnership Working

Education Inclusion Officer: Mr M Jones

Behaviour Support: Mr P Barsi

PCSO: Mr G Perry

Y6 Welsh teacher: Miss G Tippin

Challenge Advisor: Mr C George